Sample Essay

Autism can be inherited or toxis in the environment or the use of ultrasound during pregnancy or watching television are some of the external factors that are responsible for causing autism Another cause in the increase is attributed, according to some researchers, to growing awareness and changing diagnosis criteria rather than to new environmental influences (Muhle, Rapin and Trentacoste.paraphrase).

There can be problems in the immune system of pregnant woman or developing child which might act as the root cause of autism. As when the autistic subjects are examined by doctors  it comes to light that their immune system is also affected and functions at a lower level which serves to suggest that whatever causes autism disrupts the immune system to a large extent. While the idea of abnormality in the immune system as the cause of autism is one of many proposed theories and in the past the focus of the studies was adaptive immunity, such as production of anti-biotic to fight off invading viruses and the claims regarding the MMR vaccines in triggering autism fall in this category (Randerson.paraphrase). The results of some case studies suggested that paracetamol (acetaminophen, Tylenol) is also associated with the autistic disorder among children (Meadows and Mandel.paraphrased). Many researches claim that that the grievances of autistic children’s parents are not without reason. The parents claim that their children were healthy before the vaccination that had thimerosal in it (Samuels. paraphrased). Paul A.

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