Sample Essay

As Rauch defends the reviving of prejudices on the ground that if intellectual pluralism is promoted in a society prejudices can be made ‘socially productive’ by ‘pitting prejudice against prejudice’ and ‘dogma against dogma’ exposing all to ‘withering public criticism’ (Rauch). Pluralism, defines Rauch, is the principle that provides space for the minorities against whom the prejudices of a society are targetted. These minorities include the criminals and gay, etc. although they, dissidents, are responsible for the progress of a society.

The real threat to pluralism, that defends prejudices to an extent, is from purism which aims to wash away the tints of prejudices without paying heed to the consequent injustices on the subjects of prejudices.  Purism campaigns against the language that is an efficacious tool for prejudice. Rauch holds the view that language does not reflect a person’s feelings in all cases, as in Mark Twain’s novel Huckelberry Finn the use of ‘nigger’ does not make the book an ‘act’ of ‘hate speech’ , and it is an ironic fact the mere utterance of the word ‘nigger’ by a non-white is a ‘racist act’ (Rauch).

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