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Essay: How Stereotypes can be Perceived | Term Paper Queen

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Given the implications for individuals and society as a whole it seems prudent to mention the importance of teaching individuals how stereotypes can be perceived in both positive and negative respects. As written above it is primarily the media and indirect influences which dictate how society perceives some of its constituents. Thus, it is essential for media to insure it does not aggravate the spread of such stereotypes which have basis in the real world (Kossak & Johnson, 2001).

Aside from any intervention programs which may be used to increase a person perception of stereotyping and the harm it can cause, it is equally important for the individual himself to understand the consequences of his actions. Given that stereotyping has a negative effect it would first be important for the individual to realize that he is stereotyping. This would be followed by allowing loose and evaluative stereotypes which can be qualified and quantified later rather than rigid ones which can be ascribed to an entire population.  It would also be important to understand that the perception of an individual may reflect the perception of the majority but does not reflect the perception of everyone in that group subset. However, given societal norms such realizations may be few and far between (Ren & Wang, 2006).

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