Sample Essay

Upon his return Michael Dell’s speech showed the importance of the final key points discussed in his book, how to differentiate from the competition. He says that it is not only important to remain competitive, growing and on acquiring new business. It is also important for the success and the survival of a company to meet the needs of the consumers as near as they can. In that case it is important to maintain a competitive edge. This is done by strategically planning, gaining information, studying the financial side of the business and knowing what prospects it provides you.

In the ensuing years the company has attempted to follow this philosophy. Since his return the company has remove 10% of its workforce, closed manufacturing facilities and embraced the idea of in store retail sales (InvestorGuide 2009). Dell has also expanded its market by offering products in addition to its own on its online store. Currently however, with the global recession Dell is suffering loses despite increasing PC sales by 17% in 2008. Since Dell relies on businesses to supply 80% of its sales it has suffered greater losses than its rival Hewlett Packard. However, the CEO expects 2010 however to be more profitable since businesses are expected to have new budgets to buy newer PCs (NewsMax 2009).

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