Sample Essay

The trick to this method is that the author first creates an environment of familiarity and then brings the reader into it. He freely tells of many of his experiences trying to hide the truth and thus giving the illusion that he is opening himself up completely to his reader. At his stage of life the author is adept at understanding what has come before him and what will come after him. At this point Shields is writing simply about being a human being a subject which he seems to know well.

If the details that are written above sound depressing it is only because in actuality it is. Though, not how you would normally think of it. There is a continuous exploration here by the author about the various ways in which our bodies fail us before our time eventually comes. The facts themselves do allow a semblance of comfort to anyone reading them young or old. He starts from the titles and moves on to day that you are already dying. He says that strength and co-ordination peak at 19 with atherosclerosis possibly occurring at 20. 20 is also the age that your joints begin to deteriorate in their functioning. Hormone production levels off at 25 years of age.

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