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The term HRIS stands for human resource information system. It is an automatic database which is used for collecting and managing information about the employees.  At a broader level the primary function of HRIS is to help the management in decision making. The HRIS comprises of information such as employee’s performance record, recruitment, indentifying training need, benefits and compensation, payroll etc (Heathfield, 2009).

Functions of HRIS:

The main function of this system is to reduce the manual workload of all these HR activities and facilitate the managers with better decision making. The functions of HRIS depend from organization to organization according to their need and size. Some common functions of HRIS are

  • Organizing employee information
  • Updating employee information
  • Payroll and financial information
  • Application and resume management
  • Compensation and Benefits management

All of the above are some general functions that any HRIS would have. If one closely analyze the functions of HRIS it would be very easy to determine that its most important function is to facilitate the managers in decision making (Reh, 2008). Employee information includes general information about the employees. Updating information refers to the changes which have been made in the status of the employee, address change, or any other personal information which needs to be updated. The payroll section is an integrated system which works together with the company’s other financial software’s to provide better results in developing schedule for pay raises. The application and resume management system is not an essential part of the HRIS; it is mostly present in large organization where the applicant tracking is high where the employers receive large number of job applications.

In today’s dynamic world HRIS can play an important role in facilitating the management to analyze and track down information of any employee. An organization should have an HRIS system and it should be customized and designed to fulfill the need of that particular organization (Small business bible, 2008).

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