Sample Essay

Human security is indivisible’, reflects Thomas (1999), therefore must be assured to every member of the society regardless of any impediments as it is the ‘central pillar’ of society[1]. Moreover human security must aim to eliminate gulf between polarities existent in the society or countries[2]. By institutionalizing health as a global security concern we are protecting the agents of sustainable development initiatives, punishing the perpetrators of insecurity and ensuring a stable future in Africa.

The bottom line is that poor health, like war, will result in avoidable deaths within a population. Health as human security issue falls into the widely accepted “freedom from fear” and also into the much debated ‘freedom from want’ categories. “The emphasis on conventional security whilst millions die without good reason reflects the power relations threaded throughout international relations, between rich and poor, males and females, marginal and included, vulnerable and secure’[3]. There is still an acute need to stay on focusing health as a human security in the Sub-Saharan African region which is encircled with multiple problems and diseases. Health must now be considered a state of emergency.

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