Sample Essay

Whites, Hispanic, and other kinds of folk who share only one thing with each other and that is poverty which relates them with each other and makes them a community. The mole people, reports Toth, sometimes catch ‘track rabbits (rats) for sustenance’ (Toth, 1993), a fact that is pitious as well as is an animal-like act. Toth unveils the realities and experiences of the society that lives beneath the urban streets and constitutes a community or a tribe where all the dwellers are connected as they share the same destiny and are alienated by ‘surface dwellers’ (Toth, 1993). ‘I am invisible’, says Ralph Elison in his novel Invisisble Man, ‘simply because people refuse to see me’, and this invisibility is a common ‘occurrence’ in American History (Maffi, 2004, p.24).

Foragers are defined as the people who seek for food and other basic necessities of life so they are not like the tunnel dwellers whose condition is pettier than the foragers. Moreover the foragers are indulged in pernicious drugs as the tunnel dwellers. Therefore the tunnel dwellers have some semblance with the gypsies of the 19th and 20th centuries. The tunnel dwellers choose rich places as an abode because prosperous citizens throw multiple items, so the inhabitants of the tunnel survive on these abandoned items (Maffi, 2004, p. 32).  The majority of the mole people is addicted and lives the lifestyle of ancient tribesmen who could not freak at the idea of assailing each other and eating rats (Toth, 1993). The tale of the ‘mole people’ is about the poor people who are not capable or not allowed to live ‘on the surface’ (Toth, 2004).

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