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Essay: Idea of Theologian Vs the Idea of Philosopher | Term Paper Queen

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In Judaism philosophy rose under the influence of Greeks although early religious works of the  Jews reflect philosophical approach that was not influenced by the Greeks. Bible’s book of Job and Ecclesiastes had been favorite works of medieval philosophers. Strauss is best known for his defense of classical political philosophy and he himself had acknowledged that since 1920s theological-political has been the running theme of his studies.

He does not define theologian and philosopher in an arbitrary fashion. He thought that to be a Jew and a philosopher is impossible. Religion and philosophy both demand utmost fidelity and allegiance. Philosophy regards reason as the most important while religion takes revelation as above the reason. Many writings of Strauss point out the atheistic aspect of his life as when he said that in the days of atheism the Jewish nation can no longer base its existence on god but only itself alone, on its labor, its land, and its state wishing radically to ground itself must ground itself in unbelief. It was owing to his controversial beliefs that his friend, Gresham Schoolmen[1], showed his disappointment over the failure for getting a job in The Hebrew University that would not vote for an appointment of an atheist to a teaching position that serves to endorse the philosophy of religion.

[1] A great historian of Jewish mysticism

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