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Essay: Ideal Beauty | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The image I have chosen is of recording artist known as Lady Gaga and features the subject at an award show. The medium of the picture chosen is a still photograph; the function of the image is to elicit a shocking response from the viewer and challenge social perceptions of beauty (Zarakenyon 2010). The subject in the picture exudes an off handedness, as well as being peculiar while at the same time remaining somehow alluring and embracing her sexuality. The lines in the picture are primarily tight angled and convergent causing the viewer to emphatically see the subject as the primary draw; she fills the viewpoint within the picture offering a sense of her being larger than life. She easily serves to distinguish between the positive and negative spaces in the photograph with her acting as a positive space.

The curved lines on the dress also offer a sense of motion, despite little dynamism offered by the subject herself, the dynamic nature of the dress despite the harsh lighting in the picture gives off a soft violet hue interspersed by white. Violet as a color is reflective of both the positive aspects of dreaminess, brashness and playfulness as well as the negative aspects of insanity, while white symbolizes purity which perfectly reflects the pictures motif. It is due to this that rather than the subjects face the viewer’s eyes first goes to the dress which is quite captivating. The subject is isolated from the background and there is a convergence of lines in the picture towards that focal point making it difficult to move up to the subjects face and then to follow the surrounding areas. The pattern, symmetry and texture of the dress offer it a three dimensional look when compared to the rest of the picture and serves to even overshadow Lady Gaga herself (Coppieters 1995).

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