Sample Essay

The changing customer preferences are identified through different surveys and different feedback programs. Surveys are usually conducted at store locations but general surveys are also conducted from time to time.

Protection of Raw Material Supply Chain

As the retail industry purchases finished goods and no raw materials are purchased, Albertsons only has to protect the supply chain of perishable goods it deals with. Measures are taken to ensure the safe delivery, storage and preservation of these goods.

Distribution System

The distribution channel used by Albertson is the same as SUPERVALU, which means it is an effective system of distribution through the company’s own logistic services coupled with third party logistics.

Strategic Planning

The company is well aware of the high competition in the retail business and must remain ahead of the competing companies. In order o achieve this goal the company formulates strategies with respect to products, prices and sales management. Research surveys are also conducted to remain updated on the changing trends in consumer behavior.

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