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This very legislation formed the notion of illegal immigrants as well as the barriers of staying in the country for applying for citizenship regardless of having a spouse or children with citizenship. The violators of the legislation could face deportation including detention as well.

Social Welfare Policies:-

As the U. S history is replete with events as wars, economic depression, and many other political decisions that have served to influence the social welfare policies of the U.S that also resulted in Personal Responsibity Act that aimed to curb the fund after a limited period of time. It also included the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program. The Personal Responsibity and Work Opportunity (PRWO) was criticized for its being to the point of racism and misogony which marginalized the unpaid labor and single mothers. The case of the immigrants was thus worsened as the government did not had money for the citizens so it could not pay the migrants as well. The non- qualified immigrants are denied the enrollment in most federal public schools (Muy & Congress, 2009, p. 313).

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