Sample Essay

The Bear, has reminiscence of memories from Southern past. Thoreau’s book is written in a simple, first person narration, that is required in his autobiography; while in Faulkner’s novella he employs stream of consciousness narration to fit the thought pattern of Ike. As Thoreau is fretted by the ills of civilization, Faulkner also shows his abhorrence of his civilization through his story. Boon’s character also reflects the wildness as he kills the bear and the story closes with his note, ‘They (squirrels) are mine’ which serves to emphasize the possessive and devastative nature of corrupted civilization which is renounced by Ike and Thoreau.

Thoreau’s ‘Walden’ and Faulkner’s ‘The Bear’ describe the theme of the centuries old relationship of man and nature. Thoreau and Ike as the central characters of the stories live a simple life in order to escape the desperate and impure world outside the reach of wilderness. They pass through the rites of passages as their characters develop with the passage of time and they learn eternal lessons from their experiences in the solitude and wilderness.

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