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Essay: Image of Faith in Islam | Term Paper Queen

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Branches of Faith in Islam

This paper elucidates the meaning of faith in Islam and the image and branches related to it. The paper is based on the saying by Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H regarding faith and the branches of faith. The seventy branches mentioned in the saying and the highest and lowest of these branches are discussed in this paper. The highest branch mentioned is to believe and say that there is no God but Allah and the lowest of these branches is to remove a harmful object from the path. Muslims follow this saying in various ways and this is reflected in other sayings from the Prophet and in the Quran.

The meaning of faith has been depicted in various verses of the Quran and different sayings of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. Muslims follow this saying as an approach to carrying out the day to day functions of life. According to the saying by Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H “Faith has over seventy branches, and modesty is a branch of faith” (Muslim, 1971). This meaning of faith for Muslims is very important as it provides them with a code of life.

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