Sample Essay

Despite the efforts[1], American press has been successful in illustrating the image of Saudi Arabia as a terrorist country, and there have been several attempts[2] of linking it with the terrorism, which is the part of almost every book related to the 9/11 attacks and the Muslim world. A different perspective of such analysis includes in another book[3] identified during the literature review that has put efforts to analyze the role of both American press, as well as the Arabian television in deteriorating each other’s role in front of the globe that will be very beneficial in acquiring an unbiased understanding of the identified research statement.

Another remarkable piece of work identified is the work of Kristina Borjesson[4] who has been very critical and efficient in scrutinizing the role of American journalists during the war on terror. The book is consisted of interviews of people who belong to the American press. In addition, the author has been successful in acquiring personal stories of American journalists that they experienced in different Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc. Moreover, one of the significant attributes of this book is its emphasis on the historical contexts to relate the interviews with the American policies, etc that will be very crucial in providing a critical perspective to the proposed study.

 [1] Elsevier. 2004. Public Relations Review, Volume 29. The University of Michigan Press.

[2] Al-Rawwaf, Uthman. 2002. “Linking Saudi Arabia with Terrorism.” World Press Review. Volume 49, Issue 1, pp. 1-2.

[3] Edgerton, Gary. 2007. The Columbia History of American Television. Columbia University Press.

[4] Borjesson, Kristina. 2005. Feet to the Fire: the media after 9/11. Prometheus Books.

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