Sample Essay

Research Objective

The objective of this research is to analyze the image of Saudi Arabia in the American press. It also aims to identify alterations in such image after September 11 attacks. It tries to trace the history of relationship between the two countries with the significant alterations with the passage of time. The researcher attempts to move with an analysis and comparison of pre-9/11 and post 9/11 situation of the global politics and the U.S.-Saudi relations.

1.2 Research Questions

  • How the U.S media, press, plays a pivotal role in forming and reshaping the image of Saudi Arabia?
  • How the image of Saudi Arabia alters after 9/11 attacks?
  • How the U.S.-Saudi relations have changed from the strategic relationship of pre 9/11 to an agitating one on the part of the U.S after 9/11 attacks?

1.3 Research Methodology

This research takes a qualitative approach in order to examine the image of Saudi Arabia as is presented in the media, with a particular emphasis on the U.S media after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The paper utilizes secondary sources for achieving the objective of the research and for drawing comprehensive conclusion. The secondary sources include books, journal articles, and editorials etc. which are used in this research.

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