Sample Essay

This research analyzes the image of Saudi Arabia as it is presented by various authors and journalists and as it is presented in the media, with a particular emphasis on the American press. It also analyzes and compares the pre-9/11 and post 9/11 condition of the world politics and the nature of the U.S.-Saudi relations before September 11 attacks and alterations in their relationship after 9/11. The incident of 9/11 triggered the research about Saudi Arabia. The result of the ample research on the Kingdom was the negative image of Saudi Arabia.

Many journalists looked at the country as a theocratic land where the citizens were deprived of the fundamental rights while some held the view to precipitate military operation against the Kingdom which, they perceived, was responsible for the terroristic activities and the financial support of the terrorists. A professor of literary theory at King Saud University in Riyadh, Abdel Hammed al-Ghathami, discovers the utter ignorance of the Americans regarding the very existence of the Kingdom and reveals that ‘they thought that the country was just a desert and some Bedouins’ but after 9/11 they ‘saw us as quintessence of the evil’. The dilemma that the Kingdom is facing is that the whole Saudi society is identified with terrorism and it is viewed by many Saudi scholars as a U. S threat not against terrorism but against the Arab society.

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