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Essay: Immigrants Influencing the Local Law Enforcements | Term Paper Queen

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The United States of America has gained surplus benefits in all spheres of life due to the immigrants who provide ample work on low wages, in addition the students, doctors and researchers from across the borders have brought new developments in the U.S. but the country has failed to provide sufficient reforms to the immigrants. Moreover the September 11 attacks served to undermine the reputation and trust of the immigrants and the state failed to provide sustenance as paying the immigrants back for their services.

The state resisted the idea of providing reforms to the immigrants after the heated crticism from the conservatives and purists who alleged the immigrants for influencing the local law enforcements. It is also observed that it is not the immigration reforms that have a pernicious impact on local law enforcement rather the local policies and stances of the local officials that influence the immigration reforms with such an intensity that the discussion of the reforms is subsided. In the U.S. the importance of the immigration reforms cannot be ignored as the U.S. is called the nation of immigrants (Zolberg, 2006). The hostile attitude of the local officials of the U.S. has contributed in curbing the steps by the federal government for the immigrants. These officials advocated that the impact of the immigrant reforms is negative on the local law enforcements therefore other issues must be given priority.

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