Sample Essay

Many laws and policies have been presented solely to determine the status of the immigrants but the fact remains that these were restrained to limit the immigrants under certain demarcations while denying the basic rights as equal to the citizens. Some of them are discussed briefly.

Naturalization Act in 1790:-

The law prevented the right of citizenship to the people of color that also included slaves. And for those of white people were obliged to stay for two years in order to apply for citizenship.  Simpson-Mazolli Act (1986):-

Another act that affected the lives of the poor immigrants in the United States of America was Simpson-Mazolli Act or the Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA) that aimed to prevent the granting jobs to the illegitimate immigrants and demanded the immigrants verification of their status. The legislation not only changed the hiring process as it became through subcontractors as mediators which further lowered the wages of the immigrant employees.

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