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Essay: Immigration Reform Laws | Term Paper Queen

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Owing to the increasing immigration and subsequent diversity in all aspects of life, politicians and the citizens of the U.S. have felt that the immigration reform laws are exerting an efficacious impact on the local law enforcement as is evident from the fact that the immigrants, whether legitimate or illegitimate, require facilities that are equal to the citizens of the country.

It is not only the large urban cities that have been influenced by the flood of migrants but the towns, villages and counties have also ‘experienced the challenges of immigration’ therefore they adopt ‘myriad of local policies out of which some ‘protect’ migrants with ‘integration and assimilation’ while some do not ‘welcome’ them (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3). This lays a considerable burden not only on the economy of the state but also on legal concerns. The local officials sense the threat that is a direct consequence of immigration reform (Lax Immigration Enforcement Undermines National Security, 2003, p.32). This threat to the national security was aggravated by the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center by the terrorists who were foreigners. The issue concerning the impact of immigration reforms on the local laws include the irresponsible role played by the federal government of America through ‘outdated federal policies, inconsistent federal enforcement practices, and insufficient redistribution of resources to local governments’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3).

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