Sample Essay

The immigration policies and reforms have a strong and pervasive impact on local law enforcement. Moreover the local policies and laws also influence immigration reforms as they serve to obstruct the process of incurring reforms and improvements in the condition of the immigrants. Immigration policy, says Barret, is ‘widely recognized to be a national government prerogative’ (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3).

Immigration policy is designed to deal with the alien individuals who enter any country in order to get work or for other reasons. Immigration reforms include the changes that are brought by the governmental authorities in the condition of the immigrants. In the U.S. there has been an incessant debate concerning the immigration laws and reforms. ‘Seemingly everyone agrees’ says Barret, ‘on the need for immigration reform’, be it Democrats, Liberals or Republicans (Rubaii-Barret, 2009, p.3).

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