Sample Essay


In order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, organizations make great effort to implement controls. These controls can be classified into several types. Administrative controls are those which consist of approved policies, procedures, standards and guidelines which form the framework with business is run and people are managed.

Administrative control informs the people working in an organization about how the business is run. They form the foundation for the selection of logical as well as physical controls; hence they are of utmost importance. Logical controls make use of software and data to keep and eye on and control the access to information systems. The core idea behind logical control is to implement a set of rules and regulation through which a relationship between certain types of information and employee types can be set. This means that through logical control an individual, software or a system process is not granted more privileges than those required to perform the assigned task.  Physical controls, on the other hand, monitor and control the work place environment as well as physical access to information system facilities. As with other types of controls, physical control can be of several types. An important example of it is the separation of duties which ensures that an employee does not complete a critical task all by himself (Stewart, Tittel, and Chapple).

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