Sample Essay

Of many companies that have implemented SAP BI to complement their existing information systems are Agfa and E.ON.  The major challenge in implementation of SAP BI at Agfa was the integration of non-SAP related data into the SAP BW solution. This required specific structures and procedures to be created as the integration of data and system performance was closely related. Since Agfa was to use the solution for operational as well as tactical reporting, different level of granularity was also required. However, the SAP BI successfully met all the challenges with its flexibility and performance and currently deliver reports which is based on data from both SAP and non-SAP sources.  These reports are also utilized by over thousand active users of Agfa worldwide, which report on corporate and departmental levels (Unisys 2010). On the other hand, E.ON’s analysis and reporting capabilities were also transformed through the use of SAP BI, providing E.ON with a much easier quicker and cost-effective reporting than it was previously possible. The SAP BI solution also provides E.ON with capability to analyse data without manual report preparation and also support decision-making (CSC 2009).

7. Conclusion

Data Warehousing support the growth of organizations by providing them with the ability to analyze and report information from tremendous amount of data they generate and receive. Through its layered architecture and abilities to store and retrieve large amount of data without affecting the performance of other system, a data warehouse allow the organizations to quickly generate reports for the information they want and also provide support in decision making to business executives. The data warehousing solution by SAP, SAP BI is one of the most popular data warehousing solution that is used worldwide. Companies that have implemented SAP BI include Agfa and SAP BI, which has not only provided them with a tool to improve their performances but also better prepare themselves for the future.

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