Sample Essay

The decision makers in the organisations and the strategists can collaborate with each other in order to resolve this issue of employee resistance. Employees should be motivated by them and they must convey a message that these standards are for the benefit of their organisation and when organisation succeeds the employees also gets the return (Noe and Hollenbeck 2007).

In the similar manner the decision makers of the organisation must incorporate with each other and proper information regarding the ISO 9001:2000 must be conveyed to each and every member of an organisation. Furthermore, in order to reduce the element of uncertainty employees of an organisation must be trained and motivated by specialised trainers and this training can easily change the mindset of the employees (Mathis and Jackson 2007). However, it can easily be said that this approach would be beneficial for both the organization and the employees. In the similar manner change management strategies must be employed by organisations and these change management strategies must be initiated by a change agent which would be responsible to change the mindset of the employees. Therefore, it can be said that ISO quality standards must be implemented in an organisation and organisations should employ strategies that can avoid the resistance of employees (Bohlander and Snell 2006).

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