Sample Essay

Empowerment of employees can be considered as one of the basic concepts and attributes of an organisation and that is the reason why many successful organisations of today’s world focus a lot on this factor (Murrell and Meredith 2000). The empowerment of employees revolves around the scenario that employees of a certain organisation posses the power to take their own decision and they have the right to raise their voice against elements that are not favourable for them. Empowerment of an employee is also based on another scenario that how much leverage an employee receives in an organisation when it comes to the decision making process. In the similar manner involvement of employees can also be considered as an important process in organisations (Fetterman and Wandersman 2004). Employees who are involved in a certain factor are committed towards that factor and this benefits the organisation a lot.

The most difficult part of ISO 9001:2000 is to implement the standards in an organisation and for this implementing an organisation should first evaluate the resources. The best resources are the employees of an organisation and they must be evaluated that whether they are involved in implementing these standards. Similarly, an organisation should check that whether the employees are empowered or not because of the employees are not empowered enough then major decision like the implementing of ISO 9001:2000 cannot take place. Furthermore, it can be said that obtaining ISO 9001:2000 is a tough process and all the elements of an organisation must be aligned with each other.

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