Sample Essay

The importance of hypothesis in any journal article or research cannot be subsided as the hypothesis serves to demonstrate the assumption of the researchers. In simpler words hypothesis is the foundation upon which the edifice is to be built. In this study the researchers hypothesize that there would be a strong relationship between ‘age and delinquent peer associations’ for ‘substance abuse-related offenses’ with  ‘increases in delinquent peer associations having a stronger positive effect among older youths’ (Field & Mears, 2002, p.22).

Furthermore the researchers hypothesize that the influence of ‘peer groups and netwoks for commision of drug-related offenses’ is ‘prevalent’ on youth (Field & Mears, 2002, p.22). The researchers hypothesize that the interaction of age and peer should be ‘more pronounced and consistent, with delinquent peer associations leading to higher rates of offending among older offenders’ (Field & Mears,2002, p.22).

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