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Additionally, while both Green and Thurston and Rhea speak about the changing trends in youth culture that require the involvement of our youth in the decisions of how best to get young people to participate in physical programs. Mulvihill, Rivers and Aggleton have completely disregarded this notion or rather have refused to even consider the notion that young people can have an instrumental say in forming their own health policies. While Green and Thurston say that the involvement of young people is essential to health promotion and Rhea agrees that the efforts and participation of young people in this area will be the main driving force for change.

In my opinion the research which is provided in Mulvihill, Rivers and Aggleton research study provides an interesting look into the perspectives of young students and parents alike regarding the current state of physical education in England today. However, the problematic way in which the study has been conducted does not lend itself to scientific accuracy. It may not be useful in researching the causes of decreased participation among young people or discerning the general apathy among parents and teachers towards physical education. It does not provide any concrete solutions to the problems faced by students today, nor does it consider the viewpoints of the school or physical education teachers in its survey.

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