Sample Essay

Parkhurst, B. (2008). Projecting Sound: Toward a Theory of Musical Representation. Interdisciplinary Humanities , 128-143.

Parkhurst (2008) states that iinstrumental music does not have propositional content. The final paper will discuss the validity of this statement and on what grounds Parkhurst made this claim?

Kruse, H. (1990). In Praise of Kate Bush. In S. Frith, On record: rock, pop, and the written world (pp. 385-396). Routledge.

    • Another article which is to use in the discussion of musical auteurism is Holly Kruse’s article ‘In praise of Kate Bush’. This was written in 1988 and was included in Smith Frith’s book which was published in 1990.
    • The paper will discuss how Kate Bush turned out to be the most successful female recording artist in Britain. The auteur, Bush, had a great influence on her music and for her the ‘visual representation of music and music’ were inseperable.

Laing, D. (1990). Listen to Me. In S. Frith, On record: rock, pop, and the written world (pp. 326-346). Routledge.

    • Another article which would be used in the expanded discussion of musical auteurism with all its implications is Dave Laing’s ‘Listen to me’
    • The research will argue how Laing’ rock ‘n’ roll tradition differs from the other music for the reason of its relationship between song and record.
    • Also evidence will be shown for Laing’ claim of Bo Diddley and Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly being remarkable auteurs
    • The research will also critically look into Laing’s comparison of auteurs and metteur

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