Sample Essay

In 1978’s “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television”, Jerry Mander employing both scientific research and logical reasoning laid out a compelling case about the dangers of television and its effects on society as a whole. He gave credence to four detailed and concise arguments that television as a technology was instrumental in the manipulation and coercion of society as a whole. That human beings function best when they exist in a natural environment free of the flickering images seen on the tube. According to Mander we could not hope to understand television without looking at the totality of its effects.

Within the 446 page volume known as ‘In the Absence of the Sacred’ Mander takes his original arguments and brings them to forefront again expanding their scope to create a web which stretches from the exploitation of our natural environment, to the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies, from the plight of the Native Indian tribes to your very own home.

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