Sample Essay

In a time period which spans from 1960 to 1995, the United States has experienced a continual rise in its murder rate. By comparison in 1960 for every 100,000 citizens there were 5.1 murders which occur, while in 1993 the homicide rate had increased to 9.5.1. While it is true that homicide rates have not been high throughout the country, some of the largest cities on the continent have experienced an unprecedented rise in murders. Washington D.C as an example experienced a record 369 homicides in 1988. It is due to this increase that the number of cases which remained unsolved began to pile up and investigators were unable to effectively solve the cases in their docket (Regini).

Factors such as the changing nature of homicides played into these difficulties, as cases increasingly exhaust resources and time. This shift was especially apparent during the 1990s when 52% of the homicides committed were attributed to strangers. There were also difficulties met in securing the trust of witnesses and ensuring their safety so they could testify. Gang violence not only hid the identity of the assailants but also took their lives before the case could be closed. Other witnesses lacked credibility due to less than legal professions. Not only did investigators find their normal approach to solving cases producing fewer dividends, they also found defense attorneys now had greater ammunition against them to poke holes in their cases (Regini).

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