Sample Essay

The increasing rate of autism in the United States of America can also be attributed to the risks that the parents undergo during conception. These include age of mother and father at the time of the birth of child, use of various drugs during pregnancy, complexities involved in the pregnancy, or diabetes, etc.

There is no single cause, whether genetic or cognitive for the diverse symptoms which define autism (Happe, Ronald and Plomin. paraphrased). Happe, Ronald and Plomin in their study focused on the issue of finding as how separate genes can contribute to social impairment, difficulties in communication and rigid or repetitive behavior and cognitive explanation for the cause of autism is difficult to find (Happe, Ronald and Plomin.paraphrase). Although according to previous findings many factors contribute in the rapid increase in autism in the U.S. it is also reported and argued by scientists that environmental factors cause autism more than other factors. While there have been more researches to come to further prove or disapprove the previous findings or with presenting some new theories.

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