Sample Essay

The judges began to introduce a ten point plan into legislation which would severely curtail the powers of the native title owners. They introduced this plan as a bill to parliament in 1997. According to these changes to the legislation the indigenous tribes were required to take a registration test in order to receive the native titles. It also changed legislations regarding the acquisition of land and limited their rights to negotiate for that land.

It also awarded certain states the power to intermediate period acts and to accept previous exclusive possession acts, it also transferred some of the power from the native title tribunal to the federal court (Williamson, 1997 p. 45-50). With the right to negotiate no longer in the hands of the native title holders, they could no longer safeguard their rights and the mining industry had the advantage once again. The current state of the native title requires the perusing of the Native Title Amendment act of 1998 (Gillies, Cleworth, & Kapterian, 2008 p. 137-156).

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