Sample Essay

The article in question appeared in the American journal of psychiatry and has been written and presented by a number of authors. It deals with the correlation between evidence of prenatal exposure and an infection of the upper urinary tract and its familial susceptibility. The authors purport that previous studies of this type have demonstrated a two, five even tenfold indication for the increased risk of schizophrenia caused by various other ailments and use these results in an attempt to bring legitimacy to this study. This essay will attempt to critique said article by presenting the research methodology employed and discussing the fallibility of said procedures (Clarke, Tanskanen, Huttunen, Whittaker, & Cannon, 2009).

The primary methodology by which this research study attempts to make its case is by creating correlation between the data contained within three registries. They are known as the Finnish Hospital Discharge Register, the Medical Birth Register, and the Finnish Population Register. The collection of this data was done at the National Research and Development Center for Health and Welfare and was used to identify all individuals born between 1947 and 1990 who were exposed to pyelonephritis prenatally. The study uses siblings of the individuals in question who were not exposed to the disease pre natal as a comparison group (Clarke, Tanskanen, Huttunen, Whittaker, & Cannon, 2009).

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