Sample Essay

Since this disease has been known to occur in at least 10 percent of the population in the west, there have been numerous studies carried out in regards to it occurring alone or in concurrence with Crohn’s disease. According to a report published by Dr. Bekker there is a substance known as Traficet-EN which is an oral chemokine receptor antagonist used to target Chemokine receptor 9.  This is the mechanism of treatment for this disease.

The reasoning behind this treatment is that since Chemokine receptor 9 is present on all inflammatory cells involved in both types of inflammatory bowel disease namely Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, it can stop the inflammation and in turn stop the immune response which is said to occur. Thus it can decrease the rate of spread of both these diseases (Gale 2004). Another study on the spread of Ulcerative colitis in Asia placed its primary focus on China and found that while Asia has always has a low incidence rate in terms of this disease it is slowly rising. It has been reported that the number of patients suffering from this disease has increased at least by three times over recent years. With the increase in patients suffering from this disease we find that the symptoms of the disease differ in respect to the symptoms shown (Wang, Ouyang and Group  2007).

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