Sample Essay

It is believed that this disease occurs due to abnormal reaction of the body’s cells to the presence of bacteria in the digestive tract. The intestinal wall is infiltrated by inflammatory mediators causing acute and chronic inflammatory cells to form. The inflammation however is restricted to the surface mucosa and the deeper layers are spared. Excessive inflammatory cells can invade the lamina propria and caused crypt abscesses to form (Palmer, Penman, & Brown, 2004). These abscesses can also be called ulcers and in turn look like invaginations in the mucous wall histologically (Medline Plus, 2009). The goblet cells present on the intestinal wall eventually become depleted and thus eventually lose their form. The crypt formations can cause rapid cell mitosis which can also lead to colon cancer (Palmer, Penman and Brown 2004).

At least 50% of the individuals diagnosed with this disease suffer from mild symptoms, while there are others who go through abundant fevers, diarrhea with blood, feelings of nausea, and abdominal cramps. Ulcerative colitis can also have systemic effects and it can affect structures such as the eye, liver and bone. These systemic effects are directly linked to the immune response that occurs in Ulcerative colitis. Treatment of this condition however causes such systemic effects to disappear (National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse 2006).

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