Sample Essay

As the museums play a vital role in developing national identity of a nation therefore the problems are likely to occur. These problems are mainly due to multiculturalism. The problem of multiculturalism, however, can be solved through consolidated policies and unbiased administration in order to address the grievances of the minorities whose identity might be at stake due to the museums. In the past years, reports Griffin, the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) has provided the opportunities for the blossom of Native American art (Griffin, 2007).

One of the exhibition by the name of ‘Listening to our ancestors: The Art of Native Life along the North Pacific Coast aims to acknowledge the interests of the native as well as non native population (Griffin, 2007). In Austria, reports Pottler, exhibitions are organized in order to promote cultural identity except the province of Vienna where owing to the ample number of museums there is no need to organize exhibitions (Pottler, 1998). The museums of Sweden, for example, serve to profess the culture of Scandinavia. Stockholm Museum of Science and Technology, Nordic Museum, The Wine and Spirits Museum, and The Tobacco and Match Museum are some of the interesting places which represent the history of Sweden as well as the culture of Europe. The researchers have emphasized to find out the ‘solution to basic human problems through fruitful cooperation and collaboration’ (Okita, 1997, p.132).

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