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Essay: Influences of the Body Image on Media | Term Paper Queen

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It is no secret that the projection of beautiful women on the media constantly plays itself in the minds of innocent teenage girls as they grow up. It affects their perception of beauty and gives them a figure to aspire to falsely creating an image of what may be considered beautiful by the world. These tall seemingly desirable women with perfect figures are depicted amidst such a sense of awe that onlookers who do not know better are persuasively subjected to stigmatizations of beauty which may have a negative effect on their personality.

Numerous studies exist that buttress this notion and suggest that the media is inclined to present children with ideals relating to what is and is not considered acceptable by the society. A good example of that is smoking where recent figures report the number of women smokers in the world to be 12%, a number that is seen to rise to 20% by 2025 as an indirect result of marketing efforts which often “show attractive, modern-looking women smoking” (Associated Press, 2006).

Though other factors such as work stress and the gender race may also come into play in this figure, it can easily be deduced that mass media has a profound effect on women. Men, on the other hand, follow a different pattern of influence and may not adhere to similar lines with respect to what is portrayed in the media. It is worth exploring whether men have succumbed to the trends of body image and what is presented to them as beautiful in a negative or positive way.

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