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Essay: Influx of Immigrants to Rich Nations | Term Paper Queen

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And if we truly take this let all countries be philosophy into account. It also eliminates the concepts of imports and exports between different countries and requires that every country fends for itself. No country in the world today, not the United States, not Great Britain, not Canada no country can have any form of self-reliance without trade with other nations. If as in the case of food we consider a scenario involving oil. Like food it is a precious commodity which is rapidly being consumed by industrialized nations. If a scenario is taken into consideration where the United States would have to depend on its own domestic reserves in order to sustain its own economy, we would quickly find the country buckling under its own demands (The Levin Institute).

The final decisive point which Hardin makes is related to the influx of immigrants to rich nations and the detrimental effects such an addition can have to not only the food supply of the country, but also towards the population growth, economy and quality of life for the nations residents. Taking the argument of whether or not immigrants benefit rich countries economically through provision of cheap labor, we can argue whether mass deportation or assimilation would be the best way to deal with these individuals. To put it simply mass deportation of these individuals would be a solution with grave consequences in terms of spending, time and manpower.

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