Sample Essay

Information system security can be considered an appropriate technology. The mechanisms used for implementing information system security not only affect the organization using them but also its partners, customers and general public as well. Information systems are designed to make processes and running of business cost effective. The advantages of lower cost brought in by information systems help in reducing the cost of products and services provided by an organization.

If these information systems are disrupted or disable, it would also bring halt to several other business process, resulting in the reduction or stoppage of products or services provided by the organization. This would cost the organization in financial damages, recovery of which would require the raise in cost of its products or services, hence causing trouble for its customers. Hence, it can be said that information system security measure help in keeping the cost of products down thus contributing to the overall good of the humanity (Bosworth, and Kabay).


Information systems are a critical asset of any organization. They must be well protected because they are used to process and store information which can be very critical and may cause damage to an organization if leaked. To protect information systems it must be ensured that the information they use maintains confidentiality, integrity and availability. Administrative, Logical and Physical Control are therefore put in place by organization to ensure that. These controls include enforcement of various security policies, softwares as well as physical measures. Security practices under use by organizations include use of firewalls, routers and intrusion detection systems, classification of information and privilege control as well as use of software for identification, authentication and authorization. By enforcement of a stringent security on information systems, an organization not only saves itself from damages but it also contributes toward a greater cause by keeping the prices of its products and service down.

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