Sample Essay

Psychological Operations (psyops) play a major role in when conducting Information Warfare against enemies or competitors. When considering Information Warfare, there are primarily three types of audiences which are attacked by people who conduct psychological operations. When these operations are conducted, the attacker can focus their attack on affecting the psychology of the enemy or competitor.

For example, in a war, psychological operations can be used to demoralize enemy’s army or to demoralize the general public so that the enemy would feel additional pressure from its public which could lead to collapse of resistance. Psychological operations can also be used to modify the perspective of those who do not favor any party in conflicting situations. For example, in a war psychological operations conducted on neutral parties could sway their stance in the favor of the attacker, hence providing additional support to it. Lastly, Psychological can also be conducted on those who are friendly to the attacker’s cause, in order to enhance their support or to radicalize their stance. This could also result in friendly parties changing their stance from moral support to active participation in a conflict which would greatly benefit the attacker (Vacca, 2005).

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