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Essay: Ingredients in Human History | Term Paper Queen

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The item in question is one of the most well known and highly prized ingredients in human history, Caviar. The origin of its name is disputed in circles. According to some, it comes from the Turkish word khavyar which itself is from khaya meaning “egg”. Another origin is said to be from the Persian word “chav-Jar” which translates loosely to “piece of power.” The word khavyar was first found in the works of the grandson of Genghis Khan known as Batu Khan in the 1240s. It did not appear in English print for another 350 years until 1591. No matter its origins, there is no denying that it is one of the most historically rich items in the world today (Gordon 2003).

References to the use of caviar date back as far as 2400 B.C. It is said the ancient coastal Egyptians and Phoenicians would use salted and pickled fish eggs as sustenance to last themselves through war and famine. Aristotle wrote that the ancient Greeks would eat caviar at luxurious feasts decorated with flowers. Persians employed its medicinal properties as well as using it as a food source (Gordon 2003).

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