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Essay: Inner Life and the Physical World | Term Paper Queen

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The final metaphor allows Bullock to establish the process creating the protagonist’s alternate identity, showing “a connection with the unconscious and an awareness of death imply the need for the narrator to connect with rather than defend against his inner life and the physical world” (Bullock, para. 28). By using the act where he first begins to sympathize with Robert and draws the cathedral for him using his wife’s pen, Bullock shows how the gradual establish of a new identity occurs, a process whereby new aspects to the masculine image, not defined by Panopticon or the need for control are built. Where femininity is not ostracized but celebrated. But rather establishes the need for a social and spiritual connection to the physical world.

Following this he once again discusses the elements establishing the changes in the narrator beyond the boundaries of Panopticon. Concluding with Carver’s characterization of the masculine archetype, which he hopes will provide hope for conventional men who struggle with the implementation of the feminine into themselves.

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