Sample Essay

The parents of the sweeper have left their child at the mercy of the society and have ‘gone up to the church to pray’ (Blake, 2001). The word pray has ironic undertones as it also suggests the prey of their child and the emptiness of their faith is evident by the fact that they go to the church with the illusion that the mere confession and pray would wash their sins to their child. The bitterness of the child’s tone shows the extremity of pessimism in child’s condition as he says hopelessly, ‘They clothed me in the clothes of death’ (Blake, 2001) which also shows his extreme shock at the cruelty and ignorance of his parents. The child pretends to be happy and that makes the parents think that they have done me no injury.

‘The Chimney Sweeper’ (innocence song) is similar to ‘The Chimney Sweeper’ (experience song) in the sense that the poet raises his voice against the ignominious issue of the child labor in England where the corruption of the church, that was responsible of the protection of the rights of the poor and homeless children, has led the country to the road of poverty and had pushed the parents to the extent of inhumanity and coldness at the hands of poverty that they sell their children after they come into world. Blake presents the contrary states of human soul as the phases of life through which every human being must pass.

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