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Essay: Innocent World of Children | Term Paper Queen

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He does not promote any one of the state at the expense of the other neither does he persuades his readers to accept any one of the two conditions. In his songs he attempts to detach himself from the situation which he presents in the song. He sets the naturalistic and innocent world of children against the corrupt and restraint world of adults without proving the superiority of the one over the other.

None of the states is ideal as it has its own flaws and shortcomings. The poet does not sympathize with the chimney sweepers of the two songs who are shown in two different conditions but he shows the way the children of the two songs view God and society. In the innocence song the image of God is that of a savior who sends His angels on earth to reassure His loving creatures of the pleasures they would have in future. In the experience song the child views God as one who, along with his parents, is responsible for the miseries that the child is facing.

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