Sample Essay

From the viewpoint of information system security, integrity ensures that the data stored on the information systems cannot be altered without prior authorization. It is important to ensure the integrity of information, because in today’s world, organizations heavily rely on it to conduct and enhance their business. Any violation of the integrity of the information would bring in a change to the correctness or validity of information; hence the use of invalid or incorrect information would not only result in financial damages to the organization but would also cause it to lose its reputation.

There are several ways in which the integrity of the information ca be violated. This could occur accidentally or due to malicious intents. Accidental violation of integrity of information within an organization could include instances where an employee of the organization accidentally deletes important data files, a computer virus or worm attack or an even mistyped piece of information. On the other hand, malicious modification to information include instances in which an employee is able to modify his or her own salary or benefits by gaining access to the payroll application, or and an attack on the organization’s website. For larger organization the impact of integrity violation is more severe. For example, if an automated process is not developed or tested properly, updates to the databases, which could exceed thousands at times, would alter the data in an incorrect way, compromising the integrity of the stored data. Hence information security professional are specially tasked with implementation of such processes and control which eliminates the errors of integrity (Tipton, and Krause).

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