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Essay: International Corporate Strategy | Term Paper Queen

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The international corporate strategy of any company differs from the corporate strategy in that the international corporate strategy deals with the global and multinational issues related to general management, marketing and cultural diversification. Shangri-La hotel like other hotel chains which operate on a global basis face challenges in various countries related to unique economical, social, cultural and political conditions of those countries.

The management has to plan accordingly to cope with these country specific challenges. Shangri-La Asia Limited has come a long way since its incorporation in 1971 in terms of growth and reputation. The initial target of the company was to setup hotel chains throughout Asia mainly in Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China. The company is the pioneer of luxury hotels in the Asian region as it opened one of the first luxury hotels in that region. The company’s initial strategy for various markets such as China and Hong Kong was to introduce the concept of luxury hotels to these new markets and when people became familiarized with the concept, establish five star hotel chains throughout the region.

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