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A product purchase with a guarantee is the most comfortable feeling a customer gets while shopping. An offer of a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee is a great way to relieve the risk of making a transaction. If the competitors are offering a guarantee, the offered product or service should be at least equal or better. Internet marketing is an extremely potent medium for conveying targeted advertising. Online, earnings can easily be measured on the investment and marketing campaigns can be refined over a passage of time to improvise results. Just inserting adverts online is not Internet marketing, It is more than that using the online web market to communicate the merit and value of products and services (Luftman, 2003).


It can be concluded in such a way that every organization, be it a smaller or larger one, is comprising of information systems in order to keep their data safe and their competency in the business. Information age itself is a prime thing because of the use of information systems.

Structures of software and hardware are known to be Information systems that sustain data-intensive functions. Information Systems distribute articles relating to the devise and execution of languages, data models, algorithms, software and hardware for information systems. Focus regions take account of data administration issues as offered in the chief global database discussions (Shasha & Vossen, 2009).

The age of information is however like the age of a human, is on the move and is believed to grow to infinite limits of success and innovation. Information systems today are leading the business and entertainment world. The rise of such systems has eased mankind yet making them more lethargic in terms of work and energetic lifestyle.

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