Sample Essay


A collaborative perspective of Model and Simulation is based upon 3 main aspects. Spreadsheet engineering is a new way of programming solutions. Such programming has intended that outputs can be demonstrated on the computer in a spatial, illustrative manner that the common individuals can effortlessly analyze and recognize. The requirement of particular compiler is however minimized since the outputs are likely to be instant and accurate. This paper is going to reveal the facts and functions of the spreadsheet engineering tools available in terms of modeling and simulation.

What is your interpretation of modeling and simulation?

In my opinion, to understand modeling and simulation, the system, the model and the simulation should be taken under consideration individually.


It can be defined as that a system exists and maneuvers in time and space. It is a set of interrelated or mutually dependent units forming an incorporated intact. Systems have structures comprising of its components and their compilation. Systems possess behavior in terms of input, the processing of input, and the output. And systems have interconnectivity i.e. the various parts of a system assemble and function based upon the relationships among each other. Thus a system can be called as a set of instructions that governs activities and arrangement (Ballinger, 2004).

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