Sample Essay

When we put the above theory regarding the involvement of the media in developing the stereotypes which are considered to be functional and social norms to the test, many examples regarding the stereotyping of culture and language can be seen. In Marta Inigo’s study of forty American and British films she gauges how many of the Spanish characters portrayals are affected by the stereotypes associated with the social group.

When the author of the study asked her non Spanish students what information they had about Spain, their answers would usually reflect the stereotypical reflections on Spaniards which are a commonplace in society that they are a radical, temperamental and noble people who love to engage in festivities and siesta. The author discusses the danger of attributing such stereotypes to a people, saying that if it is considered that all Spaniards dance the Flamenco. It can be used as a reasoning to bring rationale to the group and either accept them or reject them. However such stereotypes are fixed ideas which do not accurately represent the group in question. The author in her study found that all pervasive stereotypes related to the Spanish were present throughout all the films she reviewed.

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