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America’s history of war provides a great spectacle of reference points for its ongoing efforts in Iraq. The widespread knowledge as evidenced by governmental reports themselves indicate that the original pretext of war was based upon a misconception. This renders the current efforts futile and with falling popularity rates and signs of limited success in Iraq, blame now shifts to the U.S government for carrying out a needless operation which could have been dealt with more diplomatically. This can be related to the U.S efforts in Vietnam through the intriguing perceptions of Robert Gates and his novel Dog Soldiers.

Dog Soldiers is set in the late 60s and early 70s and virtually badmouths the war in Vietnam at the very start. The novel follows the ambitions of a journalist John Converse who wants to be the in the limelight corresponding for the war in Vietnam around the time the counterculture was fading away. This Hippy regime, the Summer of Love and the anti-war movements have more or less come to an end and Converse finds himself losing touch with the honest journalist inside of him to give space to a morally corrupt drug dealer willing to trade safety for an effort to get rich (Stone, Dog Soldiers). He employs his friend Ray Hicks to transport the sidelined drug heroine (LSD was more of a standard back then) from Vietnam to the U.S on a Merchant Marine vessel Hicks used to work on as a sailor, and hand the goods over to Converse’s wife in California (Stone). The primary focus of the novel was this smuggling deal and encapsulates what accounted for much of the drug traffic in that era in Southern California. This deal, however, goes bad and Hicks, upon landing in the States realizes that he is being followed. The action sequences begin henceforth and Hicks, thinking Converse betrayed him goes on the run with his wife Marge (Stone).

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